Hi,I want to know how much time you need for sending the goods after ordering ?

Hi dear Sah
 We try to give your ordered Carpet after about one week of final confirm.
sending process is related to your choice for which kind of sending offers( express, or not) and also distance is important,
but any way we try to give you the best quality leather carpet fit by your dream design and decoration,
its our duty to do the best.

Hi, do you have online shop? I want special one, can you send it for me?

Not yet, but we give your order and send your AnarCarpet any where you want.
Send Email to info@anarcarpet.com
Or call by (+98)21-2207-10-75
Or even leave massage in follow pages as facebook, kiki and etc.
We will call you

Hi, I like your products and I want to have cooperation with you in expanding this brand, how can I see you?

You can contact us with Email info@anarcarpet.com
Or call by (+98)21-2207-10-75
Or even leave massage in follow pages as facebook, kik and etc.
See you

Hi, I want to put my AnarCarpet under table legs in living room, is it harmful for my carpet?

Putting heavy things on the carpet for long time may deform it, but if you change table legs position a little every week there is no problem.

Hi, my child put his dirty hand on the white part of carpet, how can I clean it? Thank you

Use special AnarCarpet foam with textile for cleaning, or for the urgent conditions you can use foam of hair shampoo and just cleaning the dirty part, AnarCarpet hairs are natural so using hair shampoo is fit for this aim.

Hi, can I use vacuum cleaner for my AnarCarpet?

Yes you can but just sweep by willing of wools.

Hi, my just concern about this leather is animal rights?

There is no concern about animal right we only use the cow hide that slaughter for their food. Not other animals that are sadly hunted just for their skins.
No fox No wolf No bear No rat No jaguar No … or not else

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